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Low Maintenance Carpet Options for Busy Households

Low Maintenance Carpet Options for Busy Households

Carpets are cozy, there is no doubt about that. They feel great underfoot and can make your home feel warmer and quieter, which is great if you live in a cooler climate or have little feet, pitter-pattering through your space. What isn’t great about carpet is that it can wear under the foot traffic and can require regular cleaning in order to stay looking fresh and new. If you have a busy household, and are considering carpets, read on for recommendations that won’t require a lot of upkeep.

Choose a Synthetic Fiber

Low Maintenance Carpet Options for Busy Households

When shopping for carpet options that will hold up to whatever dirt that life throws at them, consider a synthetic carpet, such as nylon or polyester. While not as environmentally friendly as natural fibers, such as wool, cotton or jute, synthetic fibers resist staining and fading. The factory-applied pretreatment that is applied when they are manufactured means any stains can be easily removed.

Nylon carpets, in particular, offer exceptional stain resistance and also feel soft, despite being durable. Depending on the length of the fibers, nylon carpets could be practical or more luxe. They don’t lose their shape, but hold up well, which is great news if you like to frequently rearrange your furniture.

If you like the look and feel of wool carpets, opt for polyester instead. Polyester fibers are soft and sturdy, offering stain resistance and a wool-like texture, without the steep price tag of natural materials. If you are environmentally minded, it is possible to find polyester carpets that are made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles, though most are a blend of polyester and another material, such as wool.

Choose a Natural Material

Low Maintenance Carpet Options for Busy Households

Carpets made from natural materials, such as wool, cotton, jute or coir can also be relatively low maintenance. They may come with a higher price tag than synthetic fibers but offer superior insulation and heat retention properties. While wool feels soft underfoot, jute and coir, which is made from the fibers of the coconut husk, tend to be more textured and feel rougher. On the downside, all natural fibers can fade after time in the sun, and some of them can be prone to carpet pests.

Basic Carpet Maintenance

Low Maintenance Carpet Options for Busy Households

Regardless of whether you opt for a synthetic or a natural fiber carpet, making sure that you follow basic upkeep will go a long way in maintaining your carpets. Be sure to vacuum regularly, especially if there is any visible mess. In the case of a wet spill or stain, use an approved spot cleaner to treat the area right away to avoid it becoming permanent. When appropriate, clean the entire carpeted area using a carpet cleaning machine and a recommended cleaning solution.

When you are ready order your carpets or look at the options, visit the helpful staff at Hill's Interiors. They can help you talk through your options and make selections and set you up with an installer so you will have new, low maintenance carpets in no time.

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